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Thursday, 27 March 2014

Court rules FRSC’s new number plates illegal

Lagos—A Federal High Court in Lagos Wednesday held that it was unconstitutional for the Federal Road Safety Commission, FRSC, to impose new number plates on motorists in the country.
The judge, Justice James Tsoho, delivered the judgment following a suit by a lawyer, Emmanuel Ofoegbu, challenging the powers of FRSC to issue the new number plates.
Ofoegbu had challenged the power of the commission to impound vehicles of motorists who failed to acquire the new numbers.

Tsho held that it was unlawful for the respondent to impose the new number plates on motorists, where there was no existing law permitting same.
He said: “The issue of redesigning new number plates by the respondent is not covered under the provisions of any law in Nigeria.
“The respondent cannot force Nigerians to acquire new number plates by impounding cars, without the backing of any legislation to that effect.
“I hold that the act of the respondent amounts to an arbitrary use of power, and is therefore illegal and unconstitutional.
“Judgment is, therefore, entered in favour of the plaintiff, and all the reliefs sought are hereby granted, I so hold.”

The plaintiff had filed the suit on September 30, 2013 through a Human Rights Activists, Mr Ogedi Ogu.
The plaintiff had sought a declaration that the threat by the respondents to impound vehicles of motorists, who failed to acquire the new number plates was invalid and unconstitutional.
In his statement of facts, the plaintiff averred that the old plate numbers were issued under the provisions of the National Road Traffic Regulations, NRTR, 2004.
He averred that the NRTR 2004, is a subsidiary legislation made under the FRSC Act, Laws of the Federation as revised in 2004.
Ofoegbu averred that there was no law made in accordance with the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (as amended), which prohibits the use of the old plate numbers, or declares its use as an offence.

He also averred that the threat by the respondent to impound vehicles and arrest motorists who failed to comply with the October 1 deadline, was a gross violation of the provisions of 36 (12) of the constitution  which guarantees the rights of individuals.
He had, therefore, urged the court to declare as unlawful, the threat by the respondent, to arrest motorists using the old number plates because there is no law validly made in accordance with the constitution prohibiting its user.
The applicant had also sought an order of injunction restraining the defendants from impounding vehicles or otherwise arresting or harassing motorists who failed to acquire the new number plate.

Search for Malaysian plane suspended

Canberra – The search in the southern Indian Ocean for signs of missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 was suspended on Thursday due to bad weather.
The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) said that all aircraft were returning to Perth and all ships were leaving the search area.
Six military aircraft from four countries and five civil aircraft were scheduled to join the search on Thursday along with four Chinese ships and one Australian vessel.
The search area is more than 2,500 km from the southwest Australian city of Perth.
On Wednesday, the Malaysian government announced that analysts had found in satellite photos from France 122 unidentified objects floating in the southern Indian Ocean search area. (NAN)

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Russia sends emergency generators to Crimea

(AFP)- Russia has sent power generators to Crimea, a Russian minister said Tuesday on a visit to the peninsula which broke away from Ukraine but still depends on it for electricity.
“Over 1,400 mobile power stations have already been delivered to the region,” Emergencies Minister Vladimir Puchkov said at a ceremony in Simferopol marking the transition of rescue workers to Moscow rule.
Puchkov said the Russian government would ensure the work of Crimea’s public institutions in case of any future power cuts.
On Sunday, part of Crimea plunged into darkness in what the authorities on the Black Sea peninsula said was due to cuts in mainland Ukraine.
The Ukraine-owned power company Krymenergo said in its website that Kiev had ordered the electricity supply’s temporary suspension due to an emergency defect on a major powerline.

Monday, 24 March 2014

How Online Learning and Technology-Assisted Learning Helps the Abroad Students

students from all over the World who study abroad have to face many challenges during their education in an alien land. The same case repeats for international students who study in India. The challenges for both the sets of students would be frequent moves, different cultures, transition from one educational institution to another and perhaps scarcity of educational services as well. Considering these issues, the facilities of online learning and technology-assisted learning were designed for which students do not have to wait, but just make use of the virtual mode of learning as per their convenience.

The advantages of an online learning program:

1.An online learning program can be made use of anywhere since it travels with you to any part of the world. It just needs internet connection.
2.The students do not have to wait for the courses to start. For example, the offline courses may start at the beginning of a month.
3.Online learning programs are in no way inferior to the offline learning programs.
4.These programs allow the students to graduate at their own comfortable pace.
5. These courses give choices of courses for students to choose from. It is left for the students to choose courses which they like and they can also choose to master the courses at a level they want.

The advantages of technology-assisted learning:

1.If students and teachers have a class blog, they can easily communicate with their class and teacher even while at home if needed. It brings a feeling of unity and connectedness for the students. Technology used for a positive purpose like this can create a strong relationship between the students and their education, also with their home environment and school or college environment.

2. A strategy like Storybird helps students to develop a deeper understanding of narratives. It also teaches how visual and textual aspects help to create an imaginative story and helps students to think creatively and logically.
3. Student learning has to be supported by multiliteracies and multimodal approaches. Those approaches develop the way students learn, create and improve themselves.

4.Computer serves as an instructor or tutor in a technology-assisted classroom. Computers can assist teachers in bringing those students who are lagging behind to the forefront.

The advantages of online and technology-assisted learning outweigh the disadvantages they have. People of the pre-computer era do not quite understand the all-pervasive impact technology has on us in the present day. Some others are against the idea of using technology in the teaching-learning process. Online learning programs do totally replace the physical form of classroom, teachers and students with the computer system and the tutorials. People become individualistic relying too much on technology is the oft heard complaint today. Considering the umpteen permutations and combinations of choices we have in an online learning set up and in technology-assisted learning, the disadvantages are not worth consideration.

Friday, 21 March 2014

Carton Art: Income

LAMATA to begin reconstruction of BRT lanes with concrete

Proposed lite rail, by Lagos state
The Bus Rapid Transit lanes are being converted from asphalt to concrete pavement in a bid to reduce the lanes’ maintenance cost, guarantee the longevity of the buses and reduce their downtime.

According to the Managing Director of the Lagos Metropolitan Area Transport Authority (LAMATA), Dr. Dayo Mobereola, concrete pavement, where it was used other parts of the world reduced maintenance cost of vehicles and the road itself.

“Concrete pavements are maintenance free and could last more than 30 years before requiring any form of maintenance,” Mobereola said at a stakeholders’ meeting.

The project, which first phase from Mile 12 to Anthony and Anthony to Mile 12 will last 12 months. When completed, it will improve waiting and journey times between Mile 12 and CSM.

While giving details of the project, LAMATA’s Director of Roads and Traffic Maintenance, Olufunsho Elulade, said the asphalt surface would be completely removed and replaced with concrete mix, which he said would last for more than 30 years.

He said the contractor was being encouraged to work at night to minimise the impact of the construction work on traffic movement.

Crimea, Sevastopol officially join Russia as Putin signs final decree


The upper chamber of the Russian parliament has ratified an international treaty with Crimea, which accepts the former Ukrainian region as a new part of Russia. 155 senators present at the meeting voted unanimously.

They also passed a bill amending the Russian constitution to allow for the addition of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol to the list of administrative parts of the Russian Federation.

The expected move comes a day after members of the lower chamber passed the two documents, with only one MP voting against.

The treaty and the bill were submitted for the approval of Russian lawmakers on Tuesday by President Vladimir Putin, following last week’s referendum in Crimea, which showed the overwhelming support of the peninsula’s residents for joining Russia.

The Russian senators also requested the United States to add them to their sanction lists. The statement to that effect brands the American move and a similar measure by the EU “an unprecedented move of political blackmail.”

“We are ready for the entire corps of the Federation Council, all senators to joint that sanction list,”Speaker Valentina Matvienko said. She personally is already targeted by the US sanctions.

The senators’ request follows a similar move by members of the lower parliamentary chamber.

The statement also says that senators are baffled by the fact that Washington and Brussels treat an armed coup in Ukraine as a legitimate act of the people while consider a free referendum in Crimea illegal.

“It’s time not for imposing sanctions, but to act urgently and offer targeted help to the Ukrainian people, so that Ukraine did not fall further into political and economic abyss, preserved as a civilized European nation” the senators said.

The statement expresses hope that “common sense eventually prevails and together with the Ukrainian people a path to political resolution of the Ukrainian situation based on Russia’s proposals is found.”


APC and the roadmap to nowhere

Buhari, APC Chieftain

For those who have followed the politics of Jonathan bashing and anti-PDP propaganda by the APC leadership, the result of the self-commissioned public opinion survey on the approval rating of President Goodluck Jonathan does not leave anything to guess.  Add the fact that the purported survey is part of the process of unveiling the party’s manifesto, which it calls “Roadmap to a New Nigeria”, the picture of an unreliable opinion poll is complete.

It seems that APC is now replying critics who have taunted them with the fact that nobody really knows what the party believes in or stands for other than criticising everything under the sun with the imprimatur of President Jonathan.  For the most part, what the party does is to wait for Jonathan to drink water and then issue a statement that it was inappropriate for the Nigerian President to take fluid by that time of the day.
That is how infantile the APC has become in its role as the opposition party.  It was therefore reassuring to hear from the leadership of APC that the party was ready with its agenda document or manifesto.  At least, this would help citizens in making up their minds between the ruling Peoples Democratic Party, PDP and the APC.

It is rather unfortunate that APC has characteristically destroyed the roadmap before its unveiling by muddling it up with a questionable opinion poll with predetermined conclusions.  Why is APC making the mistake of thinking that the only way to market its manifesto is by wrapping it in the dirty shroud of an opinion poll, which only those who do not live in this country can see as objective?

Since the APC emerged as a political party with the loss of the identity of its parent political parties like Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN, the Congress for Progressive Change, CPC and the All Nigerian Peoples Party, ANPP, the new party has been in a frantic search of its own identity and soul different from that of the strange bedfellows that fused rather inchoately to upset the ruling PDP.

The desperate strategy of membership drive adopted by APC defined by the poaching of discredited PDP members of yesterday now adorned in APC’s saintly, if hypocritical robes, has caught the attention of the Nigerian public.  And questions upon questions are now being raised over the identity and the ideological trajectory of the new party with all its messianic claims and pretensions.

Yes, the antics of the Tinubus of this world need no further introduction and so is Buhari’s high-handedness, rigidity, self-righteousness and even a tinge of ethnocentrism.  But what was not fathomable to the people was the emerging trend that the holier-than-thou APC would fall back on those they categorically labelled as “a murderous gang” yesterday, as the spine of the party.

Today, Atiku Abubakar is a progressive and so is Governor Rotimi Amaechi. Another Governor whom even journalists covering the PDP saw loading electoral materials into a vehicle with the Chairman of his state’s gubernatorial primaries committee the morning before the PDP election that handed him the party ticket is now a progressive advocating for free and fair election in 2015!  In fact, if General Abacha wakes up from the grave today and joins the APC, he would be shown off as a progressive politician.  Such is the identity crisis of the main opposition party, APC.

It is this self-inflicted identity crisis that has led the APC unwittingly to compound its problem by engaging the American firm AKPD Message and Media, a public relations shop, to fix its image problem.
This is without the vehement protests from the national body, Public Relations Consultants Association of Nigeria, PRCAN, who insist that the APC move is scandalous and without regards for the competency of the Nigeria professionals.  Yet, this is the same APC that is claiming that Jonathan has done nothing in the area of job creation!

The Chido Nwakamma group raised a more fundamental issue away from trade union concerns, which is the unique nature of local nuances that seem to affect political behaviour here and yet very difficult for any foreign pollster to comprehend.  In a simple language, it is not enough for the APC to quote us the “Obama example” or other incredible feats of its consultants in helping democratic movements elsewhere.  The question remains, what is the experience of AKPD in a multi-ethnic and largely illiterate country like Nigeria?
The lack of understanding of the political climate and the character of the population, which the APC consultants “researched” on, more than invalidates the outcome of the survey.  And there are, indeed, other methodological issues which, when put together, tend to suggest that the Presidency is apt in describing the APC opinion polling as an exercise in quackery.

First, which population was being studied?  Is it the educated alone or urban resident?  What kind of sampling method was adopted?  How representative of the population were the samples?  How sure are we that respondents understood the questions put to them?

Some of the purported outcomes of the inquiry can only validate the methodological flaws in the APC polling, and nothing more.  How can a social researcher claim that Nigerians prefer to vote for APC candidate against Jonathan when APC has no candidate?  Does it also imply that even if APC fields a dog against Jonathan, Nigerians will vote the dog?  This is another APC sleight of the hand.  When APC and its consultants set about collecting data to suit a predetermined answer, which in academics is roguery anyway, they forgot that voting behaviour is not only determined by partisan identification.

Other factors that influence vote choice in the literature include issues, personality and ethnicity.  To pretend that these factors are not important in a highly divided society like ours by a “public opinion consultant” and a political party angling for power is the height of deceit.  Moreover, even in terms of partisan identification, PDP is far ahead of the APC and any polling that seems to suggest otherwise is patently unreliable.

For some weeks now, APC has been staking its claim of popularity against the PDP to its own detriment.   They tried it in the House of Representatives and were out-numbered by the PDP.   They tried it in the Senate and the ruling party left it with a black eye.  The latest attempt at exaggerating its popular acceptability by hiring a largely public relations company and mistaking it for a research organisation only confirms that the party is embarking on a journey to nowhere. Or perhaps they are headed for the Red Sea as Dr Doyin Okupe had earlier predicted.
JOHN AINOFENOKHAI a public analyst, wrote from Lagos.

Jim Iyke set to marry Nadia Buhari

Untill it was aired in his Africa Magic ‘Jim Iyke Unscripted’ Reality TV show, no one knew that  Nollywood bad boi Jim Iyke was ‘going to’ or ‘had’ proposed to his beautiful Ghanaian actress, Nadia Buhari.

He beat every gossip sage in bloggersphere with the gist only picking momentum hours after the episode concluded.
In the scene, Jim and Nadia were eating out in a cosy restaurant when the actor went down on one knee and presented the ring. A visibly stunned Nadia couldn’t resist the YES!
We expect a big celebrity wedding from this couple. Congrats to them!

Woman accused of stealing husband’s N2.8m SUV

LAGOS— A 29-year-old woman Ngozi Obi was, yesterday, arraigned before an Ikeja Magistrate’s Court for allegedly stealing a Sports Utility Van, SUV, from her husband, one Aloy Chibuzor Obi, worth N2.8 million.
The defendant, who is facing a two-count charge of conspiracy and stealing preferred against her, was docked before Magistrate Abimbola Komolafe.
The Police prosecutor, ASP Iranus Nnamonu, told the court that the defendant and others at large, conspired together to commit the alleged offence.
He said that the incident happened at 8p.m., on September 22, 2013, at Agege area of the state.
Nnamonu said the accused stole a Toyota Highlander jeep number plate JJJ 184 AJ, valued N2.8 million, belonging to one Aloy Obi.
The prosecutor said that the offence committed is punishable under Sections 409 and 285 of the criminal laws of Lagos State of Nigeria, 2011.
However, the defendant pleaded not guilty to the charges. Magistrate Komolafe granted the defendant bail in the sum of N300,000, with two responsible sureties in like sum.
She adjourned the matter to May 15 for mention.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Fire guts Christ Embassy Main Auditorium, Ikeja

Property worth millions of naira were, Tuesday, destroyed when fire consumed the main auditorium of Christ Embassy Church, located on Billings Way, Ikeja, Lagos.
When Vanguard visited the scene, it was gathered that the fire started at 6.30pm from an apartment which housed about 14 power generating sets.
It was further learnt that the fire started as a result of power surge from one of the generating sets.
Sources said that immediately the church members noticed the fire, they tried putting it off with their in-house extinguishers.
Scene of the Fire

However, the fire escalated and spread to the church main auditorium. The church management declined speaking on the incident.
An eyewitness, Mr. Oladele Akintayo, said: “Before the arrival of the emergency teams, several property had been destroyed by the raging inferno.”
General Manager of Lagos State Emergency Agency, LASEMA, Dr. Femi Oke Osanyintolu and Director of Fire Service, Mr. Rasaq Fadipe, said that the fire raged for about three hours before it was finally put out by the combined team of the emergency agencies at the scene.

Oke Osanyintolu said: “There is no casualty, but one of the fire service men sustained injury. The church lost a number of power generating sets and other property.”
According to Fadipe, “it was a very serious fire outbreak. The fire involved the generator house. A lot of armoured cables were also affected by the inferno. They have about 14 big generators that were affected and the church’s stationary diesel and petrol tanks.

“However, with the effort of the fire service officials, we didn’t allow the tanks to burst. And we also prevented the fire from spreading to the air conditioner house.”
He blamed the church for the extent of damage, saying “when my men arrived the scene, they were restricted by the church members who wanted to take over the affairs of putting off the fire.
“I had four fire trucks on ground from Ilupeju, Isolo, Ikeja and Alausa with 10,000 tones of water each and 18 factory-fitted generating sets to combat the inferno.
“The fire involved the power house and the warehouse, where compressors were stocked. We faced serious interference from the church members.”

Kanye West gets two years probation for assault

Rapper Kanye West has pleaded no contest and been sentenced to two years probation for assaulting a photographer at Los Angeles International Airport.

He must also attend 24 anger management sessions and complete 250 hours of community service for the misdemeanor battery last July.

Paparazzo Daniel Ramos accuses the rapper of punching him and grabbing his camera in an unprovoked attack.

The 36-year-old rapper maintains his innocence.

The plea cannot be used against him in a civil lawsuit brought against him by Ramos, reports the Associated Press news agency.

‘Not safe’

The photographer alleges he still takes medication for injuries from the attack.

“I was doing my job and he broke the law,” Ramos told US media. “If I did what he did to me, I’d be behind bars.”

Ramos also alleged he was fearful of retaliation after comments by West on a TV show in October.

“It’s not safe for you in this zoo,” West told host Jimmy Kimmel when asked about paparazzi.

“Never think that I’m not from Chicago for one second.”

West was also arrested in 2008 following another altercation with photographers at the same airport.

That case was dismissed after he paid for their broken equipment and attended anger management counselling.

Earlier this year, the rapper reached a civil settlement with another man he had been accused of assaulting in Beverly Hills.

The man had used a racial slur in an argument with West’s fiancee, Kim Kardashian, according to court papers.

No charges were filed in that instance.

Senate begins Emefiele’s screening as CBN gov

ABUJA—THE Senate will Thursday, commence the screening of Mr. Godwin Emefiele for appointment as Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria,CBN.
If confirmed by the Red Chamber as requested by President  Goodluck Jonathan, Mr.  Emefiele will succeed Mallam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, who was placed on suspension by the President over sundry allegations.
The Senate disclosed this in its Notice Paper yesterday.
Senate Leader, Victor Ndoma-Egba, according to the Notice Paper, is to formally move the motion for the screening and confirmation of the nominee.
The Senate will also, during the exercise, screen Mr. Adelabu Adebayo Adekola as Deputy Governor of the CBN, as nominated by the President.
It is expected to also treat a bill seeking amendment of the CBN Act to remove a sitting CBN governor from being chairman of the CBN governing board.
The CBN Amendment Bill which is being sponsored by Senator, Ita Enang, PDP, Akwa Ibom North-East, has already gone through the First Reading in the Senate.
It seeks to reduce the powers of a sitting CBN governor by amending section 7(1) of the existing Act which states that “The CBN governor shall be in charge of the day to day management of the bank.”
But the proposed amendment states that the governor shall be in charge of the general administration of the affairs and business of the bank and shall be answerable to the Board for his acts and decisions.
The amendment Bill also specifically states that
”The board shall consist of the Chairman, who shall be appointed by the President subject to confirmation by the Senate and shall be a person of proven integrity credited with expertise in financial regulation.”

EXPOSED!! Buhari can never Be President because… — Sen Ikpo

Culled from vanguard
ELDER STATESMAN, Senator Nosike Ikpo was one of the leading lights in the Second Republic. Ikpo, in this interview, posits that former Military Head of State, General Muhammudu Buahri cannot rule Nigeria owing to his involvement in scuttling a democratically elected government. He also says the National Conference will succeed if well managed just as he bares his mind on other burning national issues. Excerpts:

Do you think the National Conference will bring the much needed solution to the nation’s problems?
It is good depending on how it is managed, how it is run. If there is sincerity in the whole process because there is a problem, the problem in Nigeria like some of us have always said is the problem of leadership.
If Jonathan has a clear idea of where, what he wants Nigeria to be and gives a proper direction to the conference, they will come out fine. Somebody has to give direction. When you talk of leadership, the number one person has to have an idea of what he wants to achieve for the people he is leading.
The uncompleted job of restructuring Nigeria could be completed in that place. Nigeria is so wrongly structured. The creation of states has led to pockets of dissatisfaction certainly amongst the people of Nigeria. There cannot be peace if there is no justice.

People in the North are not happy. I remember what late Tarka said when forming the separatist movement in the Middle Belt. He was fired by a statement made by the late Sarduana of Sokoto, Ahmadu Bello on the 1st of October 1960 that the minorities of the Middle Belt would be the tools of Northern leaders to rule Nigeria.

The man took action, mobilized his people and started agitation for a separate state. The matter is still there; every young man, every active politician in the Middle Belt is still asking for a separate identity.
Talking about a viable opposition, do you see the emerging All Progressives Congress, APC …..?
(Cuts in) I do not see how Tinubu and Buhari can lead Nigeria. Buhari may be a very honest person but I don’t know him. He campaigned in 2007, he wanted to be president of Nigeria but he never reached this part of the country; he never reached Delta State.
And in any case anybody who overthrew a democratic government cannot be elected as president of Nigeria.

He is not entitled to. He has no moral justification to become a democratic leader of this country. So I don’t know where they are going. My friends are there. Most of them are my old colleagues in the UPN, they are all there and I am still attracted to them but the idea of the possibility of Buhari becoming presidential candidate of that party nauseates me completely.

I don’t know why they feel that he can be of any use to them. In any case they can still be a viable opposition without having Buhari as presidential candidate.

I didn’t know Tinubu in our time, because was still a young man then, probably he was still abroad so he wasn’t part of Awolowo’s children and he had never spoken as an Awoist.
I am not talking about what do you call them, fire eaters, no. He comes from an environment that he cannot run away from Awolowo. Look at his mother who died recently, a great market woman. When we needed money in 1962-63 during the Action Group crisis, we go to her.
So he came from the environment from where he can’t run away from Awolowo’s political views, he cannot.
All those who are supporting him (Tinubu) presently who are his disciples, definitely are disciples of Chief Awolowo.

That is not the same as saying that he can be a successful president. I don’t know his personal views and manifestos. What we want is a good leader.
For instance, a good leader is somebody like Uduaghan. You can’t identify his friends, you can’t identify his enemies only him alone can tell you who his friends are or vice-versa . He has ideas, he knows where he is going, what to do.

Look at what we are doing in Delta State. Whom can you tell me that Uduaghan is likely to hand over to? I don’t know. All of us are guessing.
What type of person do you think is fit to succeed Uduaghan?
All of them are my children. All the aspirants are my children particularly from the North. I made a statement the other day and many people misunderstood me that I probably sold out. I can’t sell out at this stage; I am 85 so what am I selling out for?

You don’t expect that after Uduaghan, another governor should come from the South.
It will be unreasonable, so people will expect that another governor should come from Delta North. But what I am quarrelling with our people is that for anybody to think that he can go to bed hoping because of rotation that governor will come to Delta North I don’t believe in that. So that was what I was opposed to.
Do you support the call on President Jonathan to run for a second term?
He has to go back. He has done reasonable well. I voted for him in 2007 because I had no alternative as I couldn’t have voted for Buhari.
Are you satisfied with the way corruption is been tackled?
It is the mindset of leaders of a country. Take Jerry Rawlings of Ghana for instance. He set out to clean Ghana and cleaned up the place. I am not saying that there is no corruption in Ghana anymore. But definitely, the situation cannot go back to what it was before Rawlings.
Are you saying Nigeria needs the Rawlings method?
We need that type of revolution. We have not seen a revolution; something drastic has to happen to make people behave.
I cannot even send my cook to the market today. I can’t afford the rising cost of food at Ibusa market, then somebody is hoarding billions not even naira but dollars. So somebody has to come out and decide to stop this thing called corruption.
Well, that is my idea. All these military coups have not even helped us. They have not done exactly what I would have done if I were a young man, if I were a soldier and I wanted to clean up the place. They are merely changing batons and from one bad ruler to the other that is all.
Looking back when you were in the Senate and now, any comparison?
There are two different scenarios. They can never be the same. My salary when I was in the Senate was N15,000 per month.
When I told my constituent at Agbor, they couldn’t believe it. And we were paying five percent to the party. At the end of every month, the cashier from the UPN office would come with his receipt.
As what?
Contribution to the welfare of the party and for the building of the party. When people said I brought College of Education Agbor, I didn’t go to build the place. It was the same thing I did for Asaba College of Education.
I did not go to build it or look for a contractor, I only influenced the siting of the colleges to those places. But it is not so now; now they give you the money. It is in the budget, then you take it and do what you like.

Pastor uses machete on wife for missing church programme

ABEOKUTA — An Ogun State Chief Magistrate’s Court sitting in Owode Egba, Obafemi Owode Local Government Area, yesterday, remanded a Pastor, Samuel Daniel in prison for using a machete on his wife.
He was arraigned on a two-count charge of assault and providing false information, which is punishable under Sections 338 and 192 criminal code Vol 1 law of Ogun State, 2006.
The accused, who was a Pastor with an Apostolic Church in Ode Remo area of the state, reportedly went to his wife’s place of work at Itori village in Owode-Egba on December 10, 2013 and used the machete on her for abandoning church programmes.
He was reported to have taken his wife to the hospital and reported the case at Owode-Egba Police Station, but lied that two unknown persons attacked his wife.
After an investigation, he was reportedly arrested by the Police and charged to court. At the last adjourned date, Daniel pleaded not guilty while his counsel, Joy Augustine, filled a bail application arguing that the offence is bailable.
Presiding Magistrate, E. J. Ojikutu granted him N100,000 bail with two sureties in the like sum and adjourned till May 26, while the accused, who appeared to have suffered partial stroke, remain in prison.


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